Lady Ain't Singin' No Blues


PLAY-ladyaintBlueBased on Billie Holiday's autobiography, "Lady Sings the Blues", Leslie McCurdy portrays the Billie Holiday that created jazz vocals by improvising in her music, just as she improvised in her life, focusing on the high points that helped her get through the lows and the song styling that accompanied it all.

It's 1958 and Billie Holiday stops by a seedy bar in Hells Kitchen to perform a small crowd after a late night recording session. This show replaces the previously announced "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill."

STARRING: Leslie McCurdy and Steve Crews



10 - 7:30

11 - 7:30

12 - 2:30


15 - 7:30

16 - 7:30

17 - 7:30

18 - 7:30

19 - 2:30